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What will you do when you buy a SPI machine?

For the SPI 4D machine,checking process as:

1.When courier send machine to your door, you must check the outer package to confirm no damage to the package, and then agree for receipt. If any damage or abnormal with the package, you should reject the package. And contact us immediately.

2.Second after you receipt the package,check if the package is in upward direction. If upward, you can open the package and take machine out. If inverted direction,first to adjust package in correct direction and then open machine and let machine upward standing for 24 hours.

3.Then everything ok, it’s time to open the package,there with locks for package, we need to unlock them and then open it.

After open package and take out machine and accessories packing.

Check machine condition for first,make sure the machine outer appearance is good ,such as machine shell,switch part,screen and universal wheels all workable.And accessories package.

If any abnormal, please contact us for first.


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