What’s the Difference between Micro and Macro?

  • What is a Micro Channel?

Micro channel is a kind of diode laser bar heat dissipation way. It is like a man lying down on the ice with a full-body surface to cool- down. You can see from the following micro channel heat-sink. There are several layers of holes to make the heat dissipation. So with the micro channel way, the diode laser stack can work well and have no burning problems. Usually, we imported this kind of heat sink from Germany with good quality and the waterway way with high precision. But also some China suppliers used cheap quality imitated micro channels. And feedback is not good.

  • What is a Macro Channel?

Macro channel is another way for diode laser bar heat-dissipation. It is like a man standing on the ice with his feet surface cooling down. It can not be compared with a micro channel cooling stack. But also this kind of diode laser stack with some holes inside for water recycling. You see diode laser bars are mounted on a big stack of metal with covered copper directly. They can not fully contact the waterway 100%. So water cooling is not easy. Also, this kind of stack calls for high profession to do the holes for cooling too especially for the waterway design. Most of China’s suppliers so far can not meet the demand to design a nice quality macro channel heat- sink to work more than 1.5 million shots.

  • What’s the Difference Between Micro Channel and Macro Channel Diode Laser Bar

Difference between Micro channel and Macro channel-Technical parameter

1. Macro channel heatsink is made in China. Micro channel cooler is made in Germany with precise techniques to make sure the best cooling.

2. There is only one big waterway through the Macro channel diode stack. So the laser bars are not all covered by water cooling. There is 1/3 part of the bar can contact the cooling water directly and the other 2/3 part cooling can not. For micro channel cooling, there are 3 layers of water road, all bar lies on this water road directly, so micro channel cooling is better. It can protect the bar from burning.

Difference between Microchannel and Macro channel——–Customer feedback

Macro bar is burnt easily because the cooling is bad. Compared with other Chinese companies,90% of the Chinese company are using macro channel bar. Therefore their machine is with bad cooling, low energy. The customer shows their feedback that their handle is easily burnt.

⭐️ The big difference is about the cooling, the cooling for micro channel is better.
⭐️ The other point is the output power, micro channel is higher than macro channel.
⭐️ The last and key point is the lifetime.

Some diode laser combined with real and fake Micro channel bar. The power of that is lower than the real 6 pieces of Microchannel bars. Another laser with a surface is useless for hair removal because the power of this laser is really low so it can’t remove hair permanently.


Therefore, for a factory or clinic, choosing Mirco is a wise choice, in the long run, maybe its cost will be more expensive, but in terms of its service life and customer experience, as well as subsequent customer flow, Marco system Diode laser hair removal is more suitable.




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